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Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2016 is an accounting solution, which performs various functions, among them business management tasks. Notably, the software executes the financial management functions, customer, inventory, and payroll management. Furthermore, the software has multi-user management security, and it contains specific features for every user. Ultimately, Quantum Accounting 2016 enhances business productivity through comprehensive accounting, inventory, and product management.

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Essentially, Quantum Accounting 2016 is a small business accounting software, which transforms the business operations through cloud-enabled solutions. It is ideal for businesses that require multi-user accounting solution. It promotes growth efficiencies through well-designed solutions, which every user can customize, depending on the requirements. Quantum Accounting 2016 is an affordable accounting solution that is flexible for every business entity.

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2016 Features

The accounting software is available in five-user and ten-user solutions. The 5-user is available in various versions, and each version has a different cost. A user can make monthly or annual payments. Notably, the different versions include Quantum 5 user comes with a Payroll4 and Support. In addition, there is the Quantum 5 user with Priority Support and the Quantum 5 user with Payroll4 and Priority Support. All these versions have Cloud data, and they have support.

Essentially, the small business accounting software is also available in various versions. The software comes in Quantum 10 user with Payroll4 and Support function, Quantum 10 user with Priority Support and Quantum 10 user with Payroll4 and Priority Support. The Quantum 10 User solution comes with free support and Cloud data and a free mobile invoicing feature.

Benefits of Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2016

Notably, the Quantum Accounting Software enhancements the workplace efficiency of a business. The software allows security access of up to 40 users. In addition, the software allows the performance data evaluation. The evaluation reveals the areas that require improvement and those that require sustenance. In addition, the software cuts on the carrying costs through structured inventory management. Typically, Quantum Accounting Software is a readymade package that comes as a multi-user ready and cloud-enabled installation.

Moreover, as a small business accounting software, Quantum Accounting provides intelligence reporting, contains a customized dashboard view, and it provides a comprehensive management. Upon purchase, the Quantum Accounting Software comes with one-year customer support. Customers who purchase the licensed product can access online customer support or phone support. In addition, the software has vast accountants and bookkeepers support.

Ultimately, new customers do get online product tutorials that shows them how to start operating the Sage Quantum Accounting Software. The product is easy to use because of the detailed demonstrations available to the new users. The software requires a system with at least a 1.0 processor and 512 RAM.

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