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If you work in the home décor or designer field, you are already familiar with the Home Designer software. The newest program Home Designer Pro 2017 offers many new features that designers all around will love.

New Features of the Program

Live color elevations are new in the Home Designer Pro 2017version, as well as a send any view to layout feature. The views will still retain their size and scale but can be automatically adjusted right in real time to suit your sizing needs.

The set heights positioning feature has been adjusted to include a set by relative position or absolute position. When you edit any objects, you can set the specific height or place an offset position based on their location or their relative position.

Cameras and Paint Features

A cross section feature allows making multiple cutting planes easier when you have the ability to choose up to 6 different cutting planes in the cross section view.  This features new detailed views for adjusting and cutting the distance in each plane.

You can now easily paint one wall quickly by just changing the material on the surface. The new 3D mouse support

New Cabinet Features

The cabinet face item locking system allows you to easily edit and lock cabinets. You can modify them to fit more easily and even have the ability to control the front of the cabinet. The appliances are able to be placed higher as well.

Additionally, with Home Designer Pro 2017, you can specify the spaces you wish to place the drawers and even include them in locations narrower than 6 inches.  You can now design your cabinets to include awning and even the type of hopper doors for additional styles and designs.

Additional Features

The nice new feature for exporting your library includes the ability to backup and transfer your library at the top of the user library tree. You can even adjust the symbols to include unlocked library objects and edit them with the appropriate specifications which include labels and layers. These new features make it easier to make sure your designs are saved easily in one convenient location.


If you are looking for a great way to design new features in homes before getting hands on, the software at home designer software.com offers you a wonderful starting point.  For designers and those that love dabbling in home décor, this is the program for you. Design until your little heart content with all the new creative features that allow you to focus on whatever details you want. With the ability to save and transfer your entire library, you don’t have to worry about losing any detailed work.

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