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Hiring an Architect just to discuss about your dream house will cost you a lot of money and will cause a lot of delay due to the amount of revisions that is needed until it ultimately achieves your desired design for your house.  Fortunately, you now have the ability to eliminate this hassle by taking the lead on your house design by using the latest offering of homedesignersoftware.com, Home Designer Architectural 2017.

Home Designer Architectural 2017 Feature

This product that is offered online by homedesignersoftware.com is equipped with the most essential features that are used by the top notch architectural firms but without the same level of complexity of the professional programs.  The developers of the Home Designer Architectural 2017 also provide a video guide, template design and a huge collection of object that are available in 3D that will assist you in learning and using the software.  The design software will also grant you to plan and design the interior part of your house together with the landscape.

Home Designer Architectural 2017 is a do-it-yourself architecture design.  It is complete with all the tools that are needed to create a 3D imagery of your dream house.  If you are just starting to design your house, you have the option to choose from the 60 pre-designed template and you can just redesigned it using the tool provided.  Some of the features in the design tool of the homedesignersoftware.com include Space Planning for the creation of the floor plan, Model Maker, Plan Check that will ensure that your current plan is in compliance with regulation and standard architectural procedure, object painter that ads characteristic to the objects and Reference Display that will help with the layout process.

One of the significant features of Home Designer Architectural 2017 would be the 3D rendering.  You may render different images in different angles complete with precise reflection and shadows. The homedesignersoftware.com provides 3D navigation using the 3D mouse.  It also allows you to save the file using STL that is utilized with 3D printers.

By using the Home Designer Architectural 2017, you will be able to find out the aggregate cost of your design.  You have the ability to identify the cost of the material that you plan to use, identify the estimated cost of your project and export the account into the excel document.

Home Designer Architectural 2017 Performance

The Home Designer Architectural 2017 is available to download at homedesignersoftware.com for PC or MAC.  You will need a space of 5GB Hard disk, a multi-core processor, and a working internet.   System Requirements of this architectural design software would be PC with Operating system of Windows 7 or above, 2GB RAM and 512 Video Card Memory.


Overall, the Home Designer Architectural 2017 is a great addition to the functional software in your system.  It is a great way of designing your house without the complex command and tool.

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