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Rosetta stone is known as one of the biggest brand names in the language learning industry of all times. Other language courses have offered methods and tricks to try to emulate the methods that are used in the Rosetta stone learn French version, but have failed. This is because Rosetta stone is in its own league and uses an approach that is called total immersion.

Unlike other traditional language programs, Rosetta Stone learn French focuses on the connection in your brawn that allows you to use pictures and words instead of phrases like other programs.

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The package comes with a ton of additional educational extras. There are many audio CDs, a microphone and USB headset. The best courses with language use vocal recognition software, and Rosetta stone is no different. The headset comes with many different settings so you can adjust the sound and repetition as well as reception to how you see fit.

The vocal recognition software works to pick up on all subtle features which allow you the ability to learn at your own pace.

There are three different levels to learning your French language and in each level you will receive four different lessons. Each of these various lessons uses units. With each layout in the courses, they are structured so that you will stay on task and learn at your own pace without a strict time schedule.


Rosetta Stone learn French is geared to be used the way that children typically learn. This makes it no surprise that it is considered to be an effective aid for those who are much younger. This means if you have children that you’d love to get started on a second language, you can come with this program.

The program can be purchased from rosettastone.com.  You get the opportunity to jump through the pictures on your flash cards to make it easier all around for you to learn a new language at your own pace. The Rosetta stone program allows you to have a chance to become fluent in a second language other than just English.


The way we learn as children are not really any different than the way we learn when we are adults. Pictures tell us a story which allows you to learn at an easier and more efficient pace. Rosetta stone understands that this is the best way for adults trying to learn a second language to follow along and keep up to become fluent in that language. Because of this, they have had wonderful success throughout the years with their language learning programs. By purchasing the program at rosettastone.com you give yourself an opportunity to learn how you were meant to learn.

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