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The Rosetta Stone, through their website rosettastone.com, enables students to learn, teachers to educate and businesses to perform training through their innovative software. Their software includes 30 languages where people can choose to learn. They have over 20 years of experience which is why their business has included more than 12,000 corporations, more than 9,000 non-profit, and public corporations, over 22,000 educational institutions and millions of users worldwide.

The Rosetta Stone Learn English is comprised of many different features wherein they help students to experience learning in a secure learning environment. This includes the Foundation, Advantage, Custom Solutions and Training, Implementation and Support Services.

Features and Performance

The fundamentals of learning are to build the language proficiency of students which is why they start with the grammar and vocabulary, allow the students to give feedback for correct learning and a speech recognition so that they can practice correct pronunciation and confidence.

Games and activities where students are encouraged to practice their reading and learning skills, increase the students engagement, build their confidence, develop their vocabulary and students can practice reading. Rosetta Stone Learning English gives live tutoring so that students can practice their communication and conversational skills.

The Rosetta Stone Learning English also has an Administrative Tool that measures and tracks the progress of each student. It’s also available in any mobile applications so that students can have the chance to learn anytime and anywhere.

Workbooks and teacher guides includes approved curriculums includes guides and quizzes. Training, implementation, and support ensure the success of each student. They plan, deploy and promote in your own district and school by using their technical infrastructure.

For those who are at the intermediate level, Rosetta Stone Learning English also have language lessons. They have over 40 activity types to train and engage students plus a speech recognition technology that gives immediate feedback. They also have grammar activities to enhance the learning experience of their students like multimedia and text illustrations.

When you go to rosettastone.com, you’ll also notice their assessment programs that will measure the leaning of intermediate level students. They have placement tests, progress tests and achievement tests to evaluate students. Lastly, they also teach cultural lessons so that students will get to know the culture of the language that their studying about.

Overall, the Rosetta Stone Learning English of rosettastone.com is a top notch teaching software and tool that enables students to learn efficiently in a safe environment. They give students the chance to learn the English language with both the basic and advance levels.

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