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If you’re looking for software or app that can teach you the Spanish language, then you should definitely check out Rosetta Stone Learn Spanish program. It’s an immersive course that helps students learn languages in pattern-based methods. Both visual and audio learners can gain from this software because it uses cards to interact with its students and speech to teach you right pronunciation.

Rosetta Stone Learn Spanish is a designed course wherein you will be presented with flashcards to teach you the mechanics and vocabulary of Spanish. Their interactive lessons will show you cards with pictures, and you would need to choose the right Spanish word for it. It can benefit visual learners because it would be easy to recognize and remember the word that is associated with it.

In rosettastone.com, you’ll also get to learn numbers with images so that you won’t have difficulty in remembering numbers in numerical order. This is also good because you’ll get to learn Spanish numbers as they appear in the real world rather in just classrooms.

The Rosetta Stone Learn Spanish software is also equipped with a speech recognition program wherein students will learn the word in the image. It benefits audio learners because aside from knowing the vocabulary, you can focus on conversational and pronunciation skills. You can get to practice phrases and words depending on your learning level. Plus, you can get immediate feedback on your accent and pronunciation.

There is also a recording section that will let you hear the words and phrases that you say, but it’s not automatic. There are times wherein you can hear your voice, and there are also times that it can get in your way. This pronunciation exercises in not graded, but will only inform you if you pass or fail the level. If you fail, then you would have to repeat the word again.

The good thing about this software is that it doesn’t glue you to your desktop. They have a mobile app so that you can learn Spanish anywhere you go. The rosettastone.com also has an online version for their application so that you can conveniently learn this language.

For you to experience the whole culture of the Spanish language, students can join an online community with other students learning the same language as they are. Students can message each other and play against each other with interactive games wherein they would need to use the Spanish language for them to practice.


The Rosetta Stone Learn Spanish program would be incomplete if you don’t practice writing, reading, speaking correct grammar and pronunciation. It would be more effective if students would frequently practice the whole program both online and offline.

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