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Mobile apps today are getting more popular than ever. It has becomes an effective way to market product or services. The first to join the bandwagon was the big companies. Since they have the financial resources to hire professionals to create Android and iPhone mobile apps they immediately enjoy the benefits of increasing their ROI. With the birth of Como App Maker, a Do-It-Yourself mobile app authoring platform even the small and mid-sized businesses are now reaping the benefits of having a mobile app instead of just having a website. It has totally changed the shopping habits of the consumers and making it convenient for sellers to increase profit globally.

Key Features That Makes Como App Maker Stand Out From the Rest

It works for both iOS and Android and very user-friendly. Even those without technical know-how can create an app easily. There are numerous layouts and theme options to choose from that will suit any brand or service. Important app design features such as E-Commerce, social media integration RSS feeds such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagramare in there. When it comes to app publishing look no further as this app builder brings key features such as Advanced Analytics, Mailing List, Revenue Generating Opportunities, Coupon and Loyalty Cards, Push Notifications and User Forms to name a few.

Is it Affordable?

With the things that Como App Maker is offering it is indeed very affordable. There are plans to choose from and will undoubtedly suit your budget. Coupon Codes are available to enjoy 25% discounted rates. With a Monthly Plan of $42.75, you can save $14.25, for Annual Plan of $432.00 you can save around $250.00 and if you want the biggest discount, get the 2 Years Plan of $738.00 where you can save $630.00. Look around and you will never get anything better with their pricing deals.

Since the time it was offered to the public it has been used to create Android and iPhone mobile apps worldwide, and there are about a million mobile apps out that were guaranteed of success for 6 months. Customer service is one way to check the company’s worth, and they have a dedicated team to answer for queries or assist problems. If you do not have one integrated yet into your marketing strategy, it is never too late to start now. You will undoubtedly experience an increase on your sales numbers. Do not be hampered by not being technologically savvy. It has a tutorial that will guide you every step of the way. Como App Maker goal is to help millions of businesses big or small to expand their reach. If you are still apprehensive in joining the fray read more reviews about it and you will generally get positive feedback.

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