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Anime Studio Pro 11 is a program used by digital artists and professionals for their animation needs. This cartoon creation software promises to be the best 2D animation software for professionals, but its easy-to-use features makes it useful and easy to learn by beginners as well. Rather than using traditional animation tools, this efficient alternative comes with powerful and awesome features considering its affordable price. Some of its best features include frame-by-frame animation, bone rigging system, Smart Bones™, bitmap to vector conversion, Adobe Photoshop’s layered PSD imports, integrated lip-synching, motion tracking, 3D modeling and physics among many others.

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Anime Studio Pro 11 Coupon Codes

Key Features of this Best 2D Animation Software for Professionals

As mentioned above, Anime Studio Pro 11, a cartoon creation software, has all the powerful features a beginner and even a professional digital artist needs. The frame-by-frame feature allows the user to have more power in his creation with added controls. It also has later referencing which just like in Photoshop allows the user to duplicated layers while still having a connection to the original layer.  Animating objects is so much smoother and easier with the Anime Studio Pro 11 as it allows a user to switch a target bone to another easily while simultaneously working on another animated bone target. As compared to its previous versions, enhancements have been done on tools and brushes for a more powerful and easy control for the user.

Pros and Cons of this Cartoon Creation Software

Now having a great cartoon creation software such as the Anime Studio Pro 11 doesn’t make you an expert digital artist immediately. Unless you have tried out the previous versions or have worked on similar software, this program would come very easy for you. It is rather affordable considering all the features it offers and the powerful control it provides to the user. There are various improvements on this version compared to the previous ones and just about everything one needs from a best 2D animation software for professionals can be found in the Anime Studio Pro 11. It impressive library of content including characters and special effects would satisfy a user, however, one would still need to look more effects for a better output, hence, the need to import content from other programs. However, if you are satisfied with what the program has to offer, after all it has a wide selection already, then this should really be the best choice for you.

Conclusion Before Buying the Cartoon Creation Software

It’s about time you step up your game in the animation field and most likely, the Anime Studio Pro 11 is the best 2D animation software for professionals you can currently find out there. It’s a must try, and since it is fairly affordable, you wouldn’t have regrets, instead you’ll realize your money’s worth. To order the Anime Studio Pro 11, visit this website.

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