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The Anime Studio Debut 11 is a 2D character animation software that makes the work of an animator easier than before. All artists may start with traditional drawing, but this can take time especially when movements are involved. This is where Anime Studio Debut 11 comes in with its wide array of features that speed up the animation process.

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Features of Anime Studio Debut 11 2D Character Animation Software

This 2D character animation program features bone-rigging where you can add skeleton to your artwork then adjust the skeleton to create the movements you like without having to go through frame-by-frame animation, which is time -consuming.

Another feature of Anime Studio Debut 11 is its intuitive user interface with easy access to usual tools that you use during animation. The timeline of this 2D character animation software makes use of key frames for animation timing that helps speed up the timing as well as organization of your project.

This cartoon creation software also boasts of better drawing tools which eliminates the need to use other drawing programs to create your artwork. You can draw using your mouse or Pen Tablet to bring your animation ideas to life through Anime Studio Debut 11.

Other features of Anime Studio Debut 11 include sound effects, audio recording, and auto lip-synching so you can add voice, background music, and sound effects to your animation to make it livelier for your audience.

Pros and Cons of Anime Studio Debut 11 Cartoon Creation Software

Anime Studio Debut 11 has certainly stepped up its game with responsive user interface, enhanced drawing tools, integration of sounds, bone-rigging, and other animation tools that help speed up any animation project. It can import and export drawings from different platforms, or you can draw directly in Anime Studio Debut 11 2D character animation using mouse or Pen Tablet.

The downside to this cartoon creation software is that drawing with a mouse is not that easy to do. Plus the price may not be for everyone.


The Anime Studio Debut 11 2D character animation program provides animators with a platform that can help them speed up their animation projects with its intuitive user interface, access to enhanced drawing tools, rigging, sounds and lip-synching, and a whole lot more. Even kids will find this program easy to manipulate thanks to its detailed videos that teach users how to get the most out of their animation project.

Although priced at $50, this cartoon creation software is worth investing on as it reduces time and effort in creating animations since you can use the whole platform for drawing, animating, exporting and the like. For animators who are looking for a program that can help them complete their project quickly, this is worth investing on.

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