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Video and photo editors need to work with effective editing tools to ensure that the images they work on are not only clear but also fit the intended purpose. Adobe has come up with the latest installments of their famous Photoshop Elements and Premier Elements software. The Adobe Photoshop Elements & Premier Elements 2018 software comes enriched with new features to help users achieve the desired editing effects with utmost ease. The addition of new features has also made it possible for users to edit their work in ways that were previously not possible.

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Below we will introduce you to Adobe Photoshop Elements & Premier Elements 2018 featuring added features and performance information.


Adobe Photoshop Elements & Premier Elements 15 is offered by Adobe as a bundle solution for those looking for the best desktop editing software. Photoshop Elements is used for editing photos and making them look better while Premier Elements is used for editing videos and helping users make amazing movies from clips captured using smartphones or video cameras. To make these solutions better and improve their usability, Adobe has added a number of useful features in line with the changing user demands and needs.

New Features

Shake Reduction

One of the notable additions when it comes to the new Adobe Photoshop Elements & Premier Elements 15 is the shake reduction feature. This feature is used to enhance the clarity of images captured with some shake. For instance, images captured at motion can be edited to remove the blur/shake and make them useable. It is, however, important to note that this software has its limits; it does not completely remove the blur effect especially in pictures that were taken with a lot of shake.

Haze Reduction

It is common for people to capture great images that have some aspect of haze; this is especially so for images capturing the landscape. The Adobe Photoshop Elements & Premier Elements 15 software comes with a haze reduction feature that allows users to edit such images and remove the haze for better clarity. In some instances, however, this feature will not remove all the haze.

Improved Facial Recognition

Adobe has also improved the performance of the facial recognition feature in the software to allow users identify subjects in captured images faster. Importing images featuring a given subject is not only easier but also faster with this feature.

4K Resolution Support

Today, more cameras are being used to capture 4K resolution videos on drones or by camera men. In recognition of this fact, Adobe Photoshop Elements & Adobe Premier Elements 15 can now support the editing of such videos, something, which was not possible in the past.

The latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements & Premier Elements 15 adds the above new features among others in a bid to respond to user needs and make it a more practical photo and video editing software.

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