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Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018provide layers of editing; that makes for quick photo fixes, workflow edits and updated color rectification and editor workspace. It also provides for easy access to the photo bin from any workspace you decide to use. The photo bin where your images are stored to the photo organizer are easily accessible.

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The Organizer

The organizer comes across as a simplified version of the library light room, where the viewing, addition and organizing of images takes places for images that require processing in the elements. This is easy to navigate, and if you have no need for it, your work won’t be affected in any way. It is easier to use even when more images are added, with easy recognition of portraits that it aggregates separately. The images can be viewed as a map, and this is a distinct feature.

The Quick Feature

It is easy to resize and rotate, cut and make other fixes to any images here, with all the common edits that can be made to any image.

The Guided Feature

This helps with a chronological understanding on how to ensure your desired results. Predetermined effects like brightness and tone can be made to images, and this tool displays an associated image with the effect applied as you hover with the mouse.

The expert Feature

All the tools in the Photoshop can be accessed with the expert view. It comes with the lighting and color adjustment tools and commands. This will rectify defective images with provision for addition of text, paints and other selections to your image.

The Performance

From close observation, the software is fast in responding to commands, quick to save images and shut down.  Navigating between work areas is speedy accomplished by double-clicking the work area of your choice. Auto edits are possible and takes place at such fast pace that can be seen around the Guided areas on real-time basis. The Elements come with some new features for those used to the previous configuration. Elements 15 is an improvement on the performance of the old tool and features which have been significantly enhanced.

The Quick Edits

To the left of the toolbar is the location of the editing tools for basic processes like removal of red-eye, selection and spot enhancement. To the right, are single-click adjustments, which are possible to use by clicking on the thumb, which shows the image preview along with the applied edit.


The Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 offers more access and controls over any comparable tool out there. It is the ideal if you desire an easy and uncomplicated edit. The associated controls are easy to learn with the useful guides accompanying it for basic reference and understanding.