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When it comes to processing RAW photos, hobbyists and professional photographers choose Adobe Lightroom. It is the go-to digital photography software for photographers who need to process hundreds of photos from their shoots. While most people know about Photoshop, Lightroom is the preferred software for photographers because it streamlines the digital photo development process. And its latest version is Adobe Lightroom 6.

The digital photography software remains as the best photo editor and organizer. Adobe did a good job in improving the speed. It is a standalone app, but if you want access to mobile application, then you should opt for the Lightroom CC version. But in terms of desktop experience, Lightroom 6 and CC versions are the same.

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Adobe Lightroom 6 Features

Adobe Lightroom 6 Coupon Codes - Digital Photography Software Review

Adobe Lightroom 6 comes with all the features of the previous versions of the digital photography software. There are new features added to the app that include HDR merge, Panorama merge, facial recognition and tagging, advanced video slideshows, filter brush, pet-eye removal, HTML-5 web galleries, and the ability to import images into collections. Users can now paint keywords in Library view by selecting keywords with an eyedropper and then dragging them to various images where they will be added. The Quick Develop pane allows user to change the exposure by 1/6 stop. The new HDR merge feature allows users to combine multiple exposures of a high contrast scene into a single image. It has automated HDR options that include auto tone, auto aligns, and to clean up two images that are out of sync.

Pros and Cons of Adobe Lightroom 6

There are lots of advantages for using Adobe Lightroom 6. The digital photography software has new features that will benefits all types of photographers, from portrait to landscape photographers. It has a bigger emphasis on performance. With the introduction of better speed enhancements, users are more likely to keep using Lightroom 6 over any other digital photography software. Editing is faster with the new version. It is able to use your graphic processing unit to make processes much faster.

On the downside, there are no new additions to its video editing capabilities. The retouching features could have been enhanced and improved as well. But overall, the pros of Adobe Lightroom 6 outweigh its cons.


Adobe Lightroom 6 may look like it is just a minor upgrade due to the new features. But when it comes to performance, the new digital photography software is worth the upgrade. Photographer’s workflow will be much faster. Landscape photographers will also love the new panorama and HDR merge features. In a lot of ways, photographers will not need to use Photoshop when they have Lightroom 6. These are the reasons why it is recommended for all photographers.

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