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Before finally setting up Quicken for sale, Intuit has introduced its last update version, Quicken Home & Business 2017. The company usually does not introduce radical changes alongside their software updates annually, because they work in incrementally adding features along the way. They prefer to introduce evolutionary enhancements, instead of revolutionary ones. However, this year, they have introduced the biggest and latest feature, which is very useful in automatically tracking bill payments. With this main feature, it is now possible to manage bills in a single location.

Quicken.com Updates

In our modern web 2.0, cloud, and internet-dominated world, Quicken is apparently not the only player in the market. For this reason, the company has done its best to provide the best features possible. With the Quicken Home & Business 2017 version, it is now possible to fully store all of your financial information online with the use of services such as Mint.com, as well as the best and highly recommended personal finance service, that is, Personal Capital.

This type of financial aggregation service is read-only, and also important in alerting as well as reporting all your finance transactions. Unfortunately, however, online bill payments, as well as reconciliation, are not available. On the other hand, if you want to use a locally installed program, there are two features, Money dance and You Need a Budget (YNAB). At the same time, if you are also searching for application software for Mac, you may use iBank.

Quicken Home & Business 2017 Highlight Features

The new major features of Quicken Home & Business 2017 is being able to see, track, as well as pay your bills, all just in one place. All you need to do is to link all your bills together, and the system will track your amount due and due date automatically. If you encounter problems, you can be assured of the assistance of Quicken’s free phone support. This support is currently available from Mondays to Fridays, from 5AM until 5PM Pacific Standard Time. You may also opt for their 24/7 online chat support.

With the new version of Quicken Home & Business 2017, transitioning from Windows to Macintosh is relatively easier even for older versions of the system. At the same time, you can also be assured of better reliability when it comes to bank downloads. This means the capability of the system to remove duplicate transactions.

One thing to note with the latest upgrade from quicken.com is that the price of this edition has been increased by $5.00, apparently covering the free customer phone support. During the recent years, after 60 days use, phone support was charged to customers. This can also prove to be a good sign on the improvement of customer service levels.

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