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Quicken is a finance management software, developed by Intuit Inc., which runs on Windows and Macintosh systems. One of the current editions of Quicken software is Quicken Premier 2017. This latest addition is an improved version, of the previous version and it helps users manage their money transactions effortlessly. Quicken Premier is one of the best finance software in the market for personal finance use.


Quicken Premier 2017 runs on Windows system, and it manages multiple accounts by consolidating them in one location. This software allows the users to view, track and pay their bills from one location. The software updates information and it keeps a track of your bills, monitoring the due dates and the amount due. Consequently, it eliminates the need for operating multiple accounts. Quicken Premier has a Quicken Bill Pay option, which allows users to pay their bills effortlessly.

In addition, Quicken Premier allows users to manage complex financial transactions, for instance, investments, tax planning, and retirement. Moreover, the software has Equifax feature, which allows the users to evaluate their credit worth by generating credit score and report summary on a quarterly basis. You can find all versions of Quicken software at quicken.com.

Furthermore, Quicken Premier 2017 helps you reach targeted financial goals. The software can create saving goals and keep a track on the progress. A user can create an emergency fund or pay a debt using this feature. The software helps the user manage finance by receiving timely alerts in case of an over budget, when the balance runs low and when there is unusual financial transaction.

Functions of Quicken Premier 2017

Quicken Premier software enables you to synchronize your financial transactions to facilitate easy money management. It is possible to synchronize all your bank transactions, investments accounts, and credit cards into Quicken Premier. In this regard, you can create budget limits and manage your spending effectively. Quicken Premier allows you to run reports on a weekly, monthly or even annual basis.

In addition, the software allows for adjustments on the records. It is possible to edit specific categories when the need arises. You can select transaction type, group, and description for editing purposes. Most importantly, it is possible to manage Quicken Premier remotely, using your smartphone or tablet. You not require intermediary programs to help you run the desktop program.

Quicken Premier 2017 Reviews

Quicken Premier is an excellent financial software that helps users manage their finances and budget effectively. This software has color codes that visually indicate the status of the user’s budget. In this regard, a user can easily tell when he/she is overspending. In addition, Quicken Premier gives accurate financial reports that a user can use on other programs. Most importantly, Quicken Premier software is excellent financial software for personal investing purposes. It is possible to set saving goals and retirement plan using special tools in this software.

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