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Videotapes have a tendency to deteriorate after sometime.  A small fraction of damage on the video tape can cause distortion, white specks, and color bleeding.  If you want to avoid losing the video of your memorable moments, you might want to consider creating a digital version of your video.  One ideal device to use would be the VIDBOX for Mac.

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VIDBOX for Mac Coupon Codes & Reviews

VIDBOX for Mac is a small gadget that is powerful enough to convert VHS, Betamax, and other Videotapes into digital format.  It is small and is available in a trendy white surface shine.  The design is durable and sturdy and has been tested to withstand the impact of several drops.

VIDBOX for Mac Features

The VIDBOX for Mac has a total of three ports that is specified for a particular device, the S Video, which is used for camcorder, the composite of RCA which is used for betamax and VHS and the USB port to connect to your Mac.  This device can also work with TV antenna, Game console, Set top boxes and DVD player.

VIDBOX for Mac does not come with a power outlet since it draws power to your Mac through the USB cable.  Software is also provided together with the unique key for any digital download.  After the software was installed, it is pretty easy to use.  You will then be guided to a very basic process such as selecting the video device, the length of the video, video editing, syncing, burning and others.

Unfortunately, the device does not come with video enhancement features such as improving the contrast, color and brightness.  But the simplicity of its function is just amazing.  It is as easy as insert the tape, play it and record.  The system will then automatically convert it into digital format.  With its price of $79, you will definitely get the best value for your money.  If you have a business that offers conversion of analog video to digital, then VIDBOX for Mac is the cost-effective solution for your conversion needs.

VIDBOX for Mac System Requirements

VIDBOX for Mac works for Mac Snow Leopard or a more recent version.  It is supported in both 2.0 and 3.0 USB port.  The minimum requirement in the processor is Core 2 Duo and a minimum of 1GB RAM.  It is highly compatible with cable or DVR set top box, game console, TV, VHS, DVD Player, S-VHS, Betamax and other analog formats.  The digital video output would be in the .Mov format.

VIDBOX for Mac Verdict

All of us have memorable times and moments that is recorded in an analog format such as video tapes.  They are highly prone to be damaged, and the quality of the video can be easily compromised.  In order to save those precious moments, convert those video into a digital format that you can save for a very long time using VIDBOX for Mac.

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