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Reality dictates that gone are the days when we were still very fond of our VHS Collection. Even though we really hope that our collection of VHS tapes last forever, it is a given fat that they slowly deteriorate with each passing day. As a matter of fact, the longer that you wait, the more risky it is when it comes to losing your precious captured moments. However, the good news is that, with the use of VHStoDVD 8.0 Deluxe, you can transfer your video footages to a well-updated digital format. This software has been designed to help in converting camcorder and VHS tapes into more modern equipment. These programs make it easier to protect and preserve all of your important events.

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New Features

The package includes a VIDBOX, a USB video capture device, RCA AV cable, USB cable, a quick start guide, as well as an installation software CD. Aside from this CD, the software may also be downloaded directly from the website of the manufacturer. The VHStoDVD 8.0 Deluxe works in capturing old VHS, beta, camcorder, or 8mm tapes, converting them to digital formats, including DVD.

VHStoDVD 8.0 Deluxe Coupon Code & Reviews

Other features include capturing and editing of high-definition video right from HDV camcorders. Special features also include background music, taking still images of different video scenes. These converted files can also be uploaded to social media sites, including Facebook and YouTube. You may also record audio right from your cassettes, video tapes, as well as LP records in order to create audio CDs or WMA files. There are also ready-made themes included which can allow you to create spectacular slideshows of photos. They can then be converted into slideshow DVDs, as well as movie files.


Videotapes can easily deteriorate through time. Your old videos may end up with color bleed, as well as other distortions such as having white specks, and others. The good news is that you can actually avoid this from happening. With the use of VHStoDVD 8.0 Deluxe, you can experience the capabilities of being able to convert videos to digital formats easily. All you need to have is a PC with a DVD burner and a VCR, and together with VHStoDVD 8.0 Deluxe, you can capture video in analog format.


What some users love about the use of VHStoDVD 8.0 Deluxe is the fact that it also comes with a back-office, US-based live support. This means actual help whenever needed. Some also positively comment about its capability to edit unwanted scenes, adding transition effects, burning DVDs using custom menus, as well as converting video formats, fit for modern devices, including iOs and Android devices.

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