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Manga Studio 5 is 2D drawing software that you can use for comic and manga creation. When using this software, you can enhance your hand drawn images, or you can just use the digital drawing processes enhanced by Manga Studio. The software is a definitive 2D drawing software that allows the user to experience the ultimate digital creative process. The Comic & Illustration Software has various features that make it ideal for beginners because they can use it with ease. The software contains numerous screen tones, which you can apply by drag and drop method. After finishing your project, you can easily export your drawing to various formats for printing or web display.

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Software Features

The software has a sturdy coloring tool that gives the user an ultimate experience. The Beginner 2D Drawing software offers you a variety of preset colors. In addition, you can create custom-made colors that will suit your drawing or the digital drawing process. Furthermore, you can blend the colors using your own hands using the available blending options. This a unique experience, especially if you are enhancing your hand drawn image. It is a real life painting experience using a brush.

In addition, the Comic & Illustration Software gives a complete drawing experience with the wide range of pens pencils, brushes and tools available. In this regard, you can create original images using a mouse or a pen on your tablet. Essentially, the software offers you a real life drawing experience as mentioned above.

The panels in the software are easily adjustable, and you have the liberty to customize them for your convenience.  In addition, you can make additional panels using the Bezier curves. Furthermore, the software ensures user experience by having improved brush effects. You can apply various brush effects to achieve different visual effects.

Pros and Cons

The Comic & Illustration Software has numerous benefits, especially when you compare it with Photoshop. The Manga software tools emulate the real tools used in the real comic and illustration, or instance inking pens and rulers. Therefore, the software gives the user a real drawing experience.

Further, you can import a variety of 3D formats and do personal manipulations to achieve a unique image. The pens resemble the real Japanese manga pens, and you get the real experience when doing your manga painting.

Nevertheless, the Manga Studio Software is a 64-Bit Architecture and, therefore, cannot run on 32-Bit devices.


Essentially, the Manga Studio 5 is the ultimate Beginner 2D Drawing software. The software has various benefits, and you do not have to struggle with adjustments while drawing because the software has numerous features that you adjust with ease while drawing.

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